Join Yukon Learn

Our volunteers are dedicated; enthusiastic people who have a genuine interest in helping others improve their literacy skills so that they may reach their personal goals.

Our learners have reading, writing, math or computer needs. Some clients have very basic needs, while others are looking for more advanced help. For this reason, tutors with any education background are welcomed.

By providing one-to-one tutoring for just an hour or two per week, you can make a difference in someone's life.

In addition as a volunteer, you can build new skills, meet new people, add variety to their work experience and make an overall contribution to our community by helping adults achieve their literacy goals.  For more information or to volunteer please contact us at 867-668-6280

We are currently looking for the following volunteer positions:

  • Volunteer Tutors (English, French, Math, Computers)
  • Volunteer Computer Instructors (Windows 10, Internet, Email, Word, Excel) 
  • Drop-In Computer Lab Volunteer Monitors
  • PGI Volunteers
  • Volunteer Raffle Ticket Sales Person


The Yukon Learn Society is here to help our learners increase their literacy skills. They learn the nine essential skills: reading, writing, computer use, numeracy, critical thinking, oral communication, working with others, document use, and continuous learning.

Your first step is to become a Yukon Learn Member. Our yearly memberships give you access to all our programs and services for FREE! We just require you to fill out some paperwork accompanied by a small membership fee:
$2 per year (unemployed adult/student/senior) or
$5 per year (employed adult)

It's super easy... click the link below to get started finding a tutor that's the right fit for you!