Tech Talks
Yukon Tech Talks
NOV 23 23
10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Topic: All About USBs

There are so many types of USBs these days, that USBs have gotten confusing! What is the difference between USB Type A, USB C, USB 3, and USBs with Display Port and Power Delivery?  What does the blue and orange USB ports mean? What's the difference between USB C and Thunderbolt 3. We'll go over all the aspects of the Universal Serial Bus.

Instructor: Vladimir Kabanov

The Yukon Tech Talks are FREE 1-2 hour discussion courses on new technologies for all Yukoners via Zoom. This introductory program is designed to give learners a better understanding of new technologies and to start using the latest devices confidently themselves. These lectures will be based on topics that will be covered in depth in The Yukon Tech Roadshow program. 

It's recommended that participants first complete the Introduction to Zoom course if you are new to the e-classroom environment.

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