Yukon Tech Talks

GROUP 25 participants per online class
1-2 hour classtime
What you will learn

Each Yukon Tech Talk will introduce new topics for participants to discuss:

  • ‘SMART’ devices.
  • Android smartphones.
  • Apple iPads.
  • Windows laptops.
  • How to care for and maintain their devices.
  • How to update their devices.
  • How to install and remove apps.
  • How to protect themselves from online threats.  
  • Using Facebook.
  • Securing their privacy.
  • Using search engines.
  • Making and sending emails.
  • Banking and shopping online.
  • Avoiding scams and fraudsters.

and much more!

Course Description

The Yukon Tech Talks are FREE 1-2 hour discussion courses on new technologies for all Yukoners via Zoom. This introductory program is designed to give learners a better understanding of new technologies and to start using the latest devices confidently themselves. These lectures will be based off topics that will be covered in depth in The Yukon Tech Roadshow program. 

New topics weekly including: 

  • Buying a computer
  • Cyber Security - Part 1
  • Cyber Security - Part 2
  • Cyber Security - Part 3
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Fake News and Intellectual Property
  • Email
  • Internet Basics Part 1: Internet and Data Plans
  • Understanding the Cloud
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Using Windows 10
  • Smartphones: iPadOS Gestures
  • Smartphones: Android Accessibility Features
  • Smartphones: iPadOS Accessibility Features
  • Smartphones: Customizing iPadOS
  • Internet Basics Part 2: Internet Browsers
  • Internet Basics Part 3: Yukon Learn Website
  • Smartphones: Installing and Uninstalling Apps
  • Photos and the Cloud (Android and Windows)
  • Photos and the Cloud (iPadOS and Windows)
  • Smartphones: Email
  • Smartphones: Security
  • Installing and Uninstalling Programs in Windows 10
  • Back it Up
  • Smartphone Settings, Part 1
  • Smartphone Settings, Part 2
  • Selling and Recycling Your Old Devices
  • All About USBs
  • Buying a Smartphone
  • Using Facebook
  • Finding Help Online
  • Introduction to Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets
  • Smartphones: Initial Setup
  • Smartphones: Android Gestures
  • Smartphones: Customizing your Android phone
  • Smartphones: Facebook
  • Smartphones: Maintenance
  • Emerging and New Technology
  • Mac course
  • Avoiding Online Lockouts
  • Online Shopping
  • Online Banking
  • Linux Class

It's recommended that participants first complete the Introduction to Zoom course if you are new to the e-classroom environment.


Call (867) 668-6280 or toll-free at 1-888-668-6280 to sign up for a Tech Talk today!