Yukon Tech Roadshow

GROUP Maximum 8 participants [preregistration open]
Flexible to your schedule!
What you will learn

The Yukon Tech Roadshow will introduce and teach learners how to use:

  • ‘SMART’ devices.
  • Android smartphones.
  • Apple iPads.
  • Windows laptops.

Participants will learn:

  • How to care for and maintain their devices.
  • How to update their devices.
  • How to install and remove apps.
  • How to protect themselves from online threats.  

Participants will become proficient in:

  • Using Facebook.
  • Securing their privacy.
  • Using search engines.
  • Making and sending emails.
  • Banking and shopping online.
  • Avoiding scams and fraudsters.
Course Description

Yukon Learn is excited to present the: Yukon Tech Roadshow!

The Yukon Tech Roadshow is a FREE 2-week intensive course on new technologies for all Yukoners. This introductory program is designed to give learners a better understanding of new technologies and to start using the latest devices confidently themselves. The Yukon Tech Roadshow will travel to the communities to offer these workshops during the day, evening, or weekends (as needed). 


Call (867) 668-6280 or toll free at 1-888-668-6280 to sign up for the Yukon Tech Roadshow today!

Tech for everyday life

The Yukon Tech Roadshow is a FREE 2-week course offered across the Yukon for everything about using tech in our day-to-day lives. It covers the use of smartphones, laptops and tablets, the Internet, online safety and security, social media, online shopping and online banking through experiential activities. Contact Yukon Learn by phone, on the web, or on Facebook to sign up!

Learn how to use various devices. Get connected to the Internet and master the Cloud. Jump between Microsoft, Apple and Google’s Android like a pro. Become technologically literate for today and tomorrow!

Get all your devices working together! Connect a phone to a TV or get your photos onto your computer. Customize your device and safely add apps. Keep your devices running smoothly and protected. Show those SMART devices who is smarter!

Explore and utilize Facebook . Connect with friends and family, share photos, and join online communities. Share and expand your knowledge. Learn how to avoid being influenced by fake news, scams, disinformation and misinformation. Become digitally literate!

Shop and bank online with peace of mind. Find coupons, free shipping, and items online while keeping your information secure. Check your bank accounts, send and receive money, while keeping up to date on the latest scams and fraud tactics. Master e-commerce while keeping your money safe!