Microsoft Excel – [Intermediate level]

GROUP 6-8 People
2-4 Days
12 hours total
What you will learn
  • Charting with Excel
  • Making, editing and formatting Tables
  • Conditional formulas and formatting
  • Data analysis, including Pivot Tables
  • Intermediate Formula Knowledge
  • Presenting and Reporting
  • Auditing Workbooks
  • Collaboration & Protection
  • Automating Tasks using Simple Macros
Course Description

Designed for Excel users that want to expand their knowledge. Improving formatting, intermediate formulas, pivot tables, protection and optimizing data. This course has been designed to be highly modular; letting us focus on the requirements of individual learners. You should have a working knowledge of simple excel tasks, such as entering data, writing very basic formulas, and formatting cells. Our Intro to Excel course is a great starter if you're not sure this course is for you, or give us a call to check! (867)668-6280

  1. Charting with Excel
  2. Tables
  3. Conditional formulas and formatting
  4. Data analysis
  5. Intermediate Formula Knowledge
  6. Presenting and Reporting
  7. Auditing Workbooks
  8. Collaboration & Protection
  9. Validating and Updating
  10. Automating tasks using Macros

We'll review group knowledge and desired outcomes as we start the course, and then choose the modules that set us up best for success. If you'd like to see the topics in more detail, please check the 'Documents' tab above