Introduction to Computers (Windows 10)

GROUP 8 People
2 Days
12 hours
What you will learn
  • The physical parts of a computer (CPU, keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc.) and how they work.
  • Navigating the Windows desktop.
  • File and folder management, libraries, Windows Explorer.
  • Using programs.
  • Connecting to networks and the Internet.
Course Description

This course is for people who have never touched a computer, though computer users will learn many new things too.  This course (or equivalent experience) is prerequisite to the other computer courses listed below.

The course will cover the following modules and topics:

  1. Introduction to Computers: Why are we here? What is a computer? Why do we use a computer?
  2. Getting Started: A look inside, terminology, types of computers, parts of a computer, and the keyboard and mouse.
  3. Windows 10 Operating System: The desktop, date and time, and personalizing the desktop.
  4. Windows Explorer: Understanding the parts of a window and working with libraries.
  5. Files and Programs: Opening files and programs, saving your work, closing a program, and help features.
  6. Creating and Managing Folders: Creating, moving, renaming, and deleting folders.
  7. Peripheral Devices: What are peripheral devices? Managing peripheral devices, and understanding ports and plugins.
  8. Networks: What is a network? What is a server? Why are networks useful?
  9. Internet Basics: Common terms, the world wide web, and accessing the Internet. 
  10. Email Basics: Why use email? Understanding email addresses and email providers.
  11. Safety and Security: Understanding personal security and malware.
  12. Computer Maintenance: Cleaning your hardware, cleaning your operating system, and setting up backups.