English Language Skills for Ukrainians

BEGINNER Intermediate
GROUP 5 students
Tuesday: 5.15pm to 8.15pm
What you will learn

Improved English conversation skills in a fun and supportive environment.

The chance to share knowledge, skills and experiences.

Course Description

Workshops run on Tuesdays from 5.15pm to 8.15pm

The Language Skills for Ukrainians Workshop is a unique opportunity for Ukrainian adults to improve their English conversation skills.

The workshop provides a relaxed and friendly environment where learners can practice and learn English conversation skills using topics of interest to them, such as:

  • Culture,
  • Food,
  • Transportation,
  • Housing,
  • Employment opportunities,
  • Short stories with vocabulary guides.

Each learner has the chance to discuss a topic of interest while other learners listen, and translations from Ukrainian to English are shared when needed. The workshop aims to provide an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for learners to improve their English conversation skills at their own pace. By participating in the Language Skills for Ukrainians Workshop, learners not only improve their language skills but also get to experience the unique culture and beauty of Whitehorse, Yukon.

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