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This year our projects include:

Our Digital Skills for the Work World program consists of 6 hands-on modules that will assist people to gain basic computer and workplace skills they can use to find and keep suitable employment. This is a 50 hours course delivered over two weeks. We offer the program 3 times in Whitehorse and 2 times in the communities.

United Way Project: In partnership with the Anti-Poverty Coalition we delivered the Whitehorse Connects & Poverty and Homelessness Action Week Community Awareness Project. The goal of the project was to bring people together to raise awareness and take action to reduce poverty. The Homelessness Week centered around 4 of the social determinants of health: income, food security, housing and childhood health. This project has been running for 9 years Whitehorse Connects supported Yukon people living in poverty by providing two Whitehorse Connects Days where free services, food, music and clothing were provided at the Old Fire hall.

The Literacy & Essential Skills in the Workplace project is a strong workplace orientated program which encompasses the basic and higher-order skills individuals need to function in the workplace. It includes foundational skills, technical knowledge, computer skills and life skills. It can serve either employed or unemployed workers.